Welcome to The Sensualist

Hello, weary traveler. I’m sorry if I gave you a scare.

This is where you can find me now. You’ll find writing about restaurants, about food and cocktails, and some stories about sex and dating, too.

You’ll also be able to find my work on Thrillist, covering both sex and dating as well as food. Stay tuned to this spot for photography, lists, reviews and maybe even a sprinkle of news. There will be lots of content up on the site as of Sunday, December 13. Be patient with me until then, and I will reward you with many gifts.

If you have any question, comment or suggestion, you can email me at 317sarah@gmail.com. All sex and relationship advice questions will be kept private and anonymous unless otherwise directed. Tell me your hopes and your fears, or why the Clueless TV show is criminally underrated.

I promise that in the coming months, this space will come alive with all the things that make live worth living, things that make you feel good and glad to be alive and lucky enough to have five senses with which to experience the world.

Live is short. Live it sensually.


❤ S



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