Tallent closes, Blagg to helm under new name and ownership

We just heard something that bummed us out tremendously: Dave and Krissy Tallent will be closing the Bloomington spot at the end of the year. Tallent is quoted in the Herald-Times Online that New Years Eve service will be the last for the famed restaurant.

Tallent was in the running for a James Beard Award and reached the semi-finalist round for Restaurant Tallent in 2015. The chef and his pastry chef wife opened the restaurant in downtown Bloomington in 2003.

Update from Krissy Tallent: 

“We have had 12 wonderful years and are looking forward to finally getting to spend some time together. Nice folks are buying our restaurant. Our sous chef, Michael Blagg will be the chef. It will still be a fine dining restaurant and our whole staff will get to keep their jobs. It just won’t be called Restaurant Tallent anymore. We’re happy for him and know he’ll make the most of this opportunity. He’s an amazing chef.”

Chef Tallent will continue to lead IU’s Traditions Catering, and Krissy has entered the real estate business. Cheers to new adventures! 




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