Your first date with Juanita


I feel like I’m screaming it into a cold and foggy night. We’ve been teased and taunted about the existence of Neal Brown’s possibly-mythical taco joint. We’ve heard stories, made hashtags, and had occasional sightings like we’re looking for the taco chupacabra.

And then, a glimmer of hope.

It’s the Juanita Libertine Taco Takeover! Yes, the basement bar you know and love will become the most anticipated cantina in the city for one night only on Sunday, January 24.

Here’s the info from the horse’s mouth:

Chef Neal Brown and his team will prepare 5 Courses highlighting Sunday Dasayuno. Sundays in Mexico are a day for celebrating the family, and this almost always means cooking and eating together. We’ll be making Guisado Style Tacos, Sopes, Crudo & Antojito, Augua Frescas & Horchata. Adam Ramsey will offer a full Mexican inspired cocktail menu featuring spirits of Latin America.

Get your tickets here, which, important note, DO NOT INCLUDE THE PRICE OF BOOZE.

[photo courtesy Neal Brown]



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