Here is a link dump of sea lion videos for when you’ve had enough election/terrorism coverage.

Donald Trump just unleashed hell on Indianapolis/the world by both continuing to breathe and run for president, and by more-than-likely choosing our hot, wet sidewalk dogshit pile of a governor for VP. I’m tired of hearing about it already, and traffic is now somehow even worse at the intersection of 46th and Meridian.

Meanwhile, France can’t catch a break with a damn net.

So here are some mermaid’s dogs and some alternate suggestions for more appropriate names for them, in the grand tradition of Internet Memery. Click through for full-size videos. You deserve it.

  1. Lil Soggy Scaredypantses

2. Bellyrubmarines

3. Sailors Snuggle Nugget

4. Sons of Bitches 

5. Underwater puppy tubes

6. SOGOTBPBs (Suns Out Guns Out Total Beach Party Boys)

7. Barking fish sacks

8. Lil Scamps




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