Welcome back to The Sensualist

I wondered for a long time about what would happen to this space. I started it up in a state of personal and professional duress, which doesn’t often lend itself to a great product unless you’re Miles Davis, you have a lot of coke on hand, and your flights of creative fancy are filtered through a few thousand dollars worth of microphones and management. For better or worse, I’ve long been hoisting my bullhorn to my mouth without much premeditation.

But instead of just making noise for noise’s sake, I think it’s time to restart some conversations that have stalled as local food coverage leans toward “sponsored content” and away from actual discussions about our local food community, from the farm to the restaurants to our tables at home.

So I’m going to start it over. And holy shit, do we have a lot to talk about, people to meet and plates to eat. Oh, and if you’re a delicate flower who can’t stomach some hearty fucks and shits, do not bother subscribing or clicking or leaving a whiny comment about what is or is not classy. When the revolution happens, I’m coming to eat you first, and I’m going to bring friends who will give your meat better literal taste than the Emily Post variety you preach about in comments sections. This is going to be a tall fuck shit stack. Get onboard, motherfuckers.

If you’re here, you’re here to talk about — pardon the pun — the meat of the matter. No overwrought restaurant reviews. No listicles for listicles’ sake. No bullshit. Just talking about the things that anyone connected to the Central Indiana food ecosystem actually cares about.

I encourage you to leave comments, ask questions, send me emails and let me know what is good, bad, wrong, funny, dumb or actually worth ten phone numbers my writing displaced in your brain just now.

Here we go again.



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